Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cali Fires

Sorry for the lack of posts guys. There was a fire about a mile from my house, so we had to pack it up and leave for a little bit. Fortunately the winds were calm (which is unusual) and the fire crew was quick to contain it.

I've heard reports that we'll be living with smoke in the air 'til the fall, because there are too many fires for them to contain. Its like stepping out into fog 24/7. I'm not looking forward to living in that til September.

Google fire map. I'm sure everyone already knows about this site - but in case you don't it shows where all the active fires are.

I hope everyone else in CA has stayed safe.


I'm still around guys. Just been busy as hell. My mother tore both tendons in her ankle so I've been having to help her out. All the while getting everything ready for class in the fall, and trying to find some ambulance services to get in touch with. So if anyone is still around, I'll try to have a more interesting post in the next couple days.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lights and Sirens

What happened to people moving out of the way of emergency vehicles? I was driving along a one-lane road earlier, and I see an ambulance coming up behind me, so I pull over as far as I can so it can get by. Then in front of me this dumbass just keeps putting along at god knows how slow. You can’t possibly say that he didn’t hear the air horn or see the blinding strobes behind him. I don’t think Cali EMS light up the christmas tree for transports, so this guy was preventing medics from getting to a critical patient.

Are people really that self-conceited? Do they think they’re more important than the ambulance or fire truck that’s running code 3? Here in California I think its mostly because we have such a high population of illegal immigrants and stupid teenagers that don’t know how to drive. For all they know the ambulance is there to serenade them as they go collect their welfare check.

Maybe if we have a public service announcement during American Idol more people would heed emergency vehicles.

There have been a lot of ambulance related accidents lately, this being one of the most recent. A 60-year-old woman collided with an ambulance. To save you from having to go read the story – she entered the intersection on a green and got plowed. So far the woman is in critical condition, and the driver and another EMT had minor injuries. I believe that there is blame to share on both sides, but I feel it is leaning towards the woman. She had to have heard the sirens, and chose to dart out on the green instead of looking for the EMS vehicle. The ambulance wouldn’t just keep on speeding along if they see someone enter the intersection. I think this also proves that having ambulances yield at red lights is a good idea, which these guys obviously didn’t do. This was a tragic incident that could have been avoided and shows how important it is to be wary of the lights and sirens.

I have a feeling that everyone that doesn’t allow the right-of-way to ambulances would be agreeing with me when it’s their relative in back.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Only in America.

This is a what the fuck rant, not a snazzy medical story, sorry guys.

A woman is suing Victoria's Secret for a defective thong. Somehow a sequin flew off while trying them on and it scratched her cornea. (The lawyer looks like he doesn't know what a cornea is, let alone be old enough to have gone to law school).

So maybe someone can enlighten me as to how the hell she managed to this? I'm guessing she read about Liebeck v. McDonald's and decided to slingshot that sucker into her eye.

Anyways I bet the new mansion bought for her by Victoria's Secret will be a nice upgrade to whatever shes in right now. Welcome to California.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why we stop.

Dan over at Emergency Care posed an excellent question at the end of his latest post. “Why do you help? Why do you run in when others won’t?”

This question stemmed from the incident in Connecticut. A man got struck in a hit and run and no one came to his aid.

What makes us different? Why do we choose to help instead of staring like New Yorkers (no offense to any native New Yorkers). The most obvious answer would be that it’s our job. When we’re trained to respond in an emergency, it is our duty to act. We know what to do and its become second nature. I personally have a desire to help people. Perhaps it is just because I’m fresh to the field. Everything is new and exciting, I haven’t become jaded. I also believe most emergency responders are adrenaline junkies. It’s almost a job requirement. We do it for the rush.

The uncertainty of what will be awaiting at a scene also intrigues me. I mean sure, some calls will become repetitive, but the thought of having to sit at a desk doing a “normal” job makes me cringe. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to save a life, but I imagine the feeling is amazing. Thats what will make this job extraordinary, the ability to make a difference.

Now for these people that did nothing - I would like to think that they were frozen in fear. Since they aren’t trained to respond they obviously don’t know what to do. Unfortunately, I think they all stood there gawking and not necessarily from fear. People walked right past without giving him a second thought. Maybe its just me, but I couldn’t just walk past someone that got hit by a car and not attempt to help with or without training. I’d at least call 911. Granted 4 people did call, and were probably some of the ones standing there, but what are the rest of their excuses.

I know this story is a couple weeks old, this was meant to be posted earlier, but I was out of town.

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